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…active in the field of technology, industry, agriculture and
Micro Surgical
a medical innovation company
CEO: Mr. james M. Smith
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About transactions
In order to have a deal, click on any offer that you want or any need that you can solve, then request and wait for the company to approve. after their approval, we contact you and check the requirements
Note that no transaction is done online here. Since we’re working with big companies and the deals include high amounts of goods and money, or perhaps a technology is about to be transferred, firstly we make sure about the transaction, the supplier and the suppliant, then we gather them at the same table to talk and make a deal
of course at the second stage of the process, if any of the supplier and suppliant is unable to attend the meeting, IranMartec’s professionals run the meeting on behalf of the absent party, with their permission and online presence of course
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Unit 303, Danesh building Kerman, Iran
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